Roof Extractor Fan

We chiefly engaged in the business of manufacturing, exporting, and supplying industrial Roof Extractor Fans , Roof Mounted Exhaust Fan. Designed to perfection, our industrial Roof Extractor Fans, Roof Mounted Exhaust Fan provides proper air ventilation by removing accumulated heat, humidity and polluted air. Made using innovative technology and premium raw materials, these Roof Extractor Fans are better than the conventional exhaust systems. The Roof Extractor Fans offered by us is widely preferred for some striking features like excellent designing, smooth functioning, easy installation, and longer service life. Furthermore, the clients can obtain these superior grade industrial Roof Extractor Fans, Roof Mounted Exhaust Fan, at very reasonable rates in the markets. Working Principle Of Roof Extractor Fan The roof extractor operates by harnessing the full velocity energy of the wind, to induce airflow by centrifugal force. During rotation, the centrifugal force created, draws the air in the turbines towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine. The airfoil vanes act as cups, catching the wind at the windward side of the turbine. Simultaneously air is forced out at the leeward side creating continuous airflow; giving rise to ventilation. Unlike doors and windows, these wind driven roof extractors, draw air upwards, creating convection current and in the process, they extract stale air, with air which is hot due to the building exposure Advantages Of Roof Extractor Fan : Unique design prevents the air to enter from top, hence creating an un-directional flow of air  Complete assurance of air ventilation Maintains hygienic conditions by removing foul smell Environment friendly It is Leak proof, hence does not allow water to enter inside Easy to install on existing old ro.


Wind Velocity (mph) 5 8 10
Temp Diff 0 C 3 5 10 3 5 10 3 5 10
Model No. Stack (Height Ft) Exhaust Capacity in CFM
SI-500 10 939 1000 1102 1436 1498 1600 1792 1854 1958
SI-700 20 1005 1084 1216 1503 1582 1714 1859 1938 2070
SI-800 30 1058 1154 1314 1556 1652 1812 1915 2010 2168
  40 1107 1216 1398 1605 1714 1896 1961 2070 2252