Wind Ventilator

Wind Electrical Ventilator that is precision engineered and computer designed to provide optimum air ventilation. The Wind Driven Turbo Air Ventilator, wind Electrical Ventilator is specially fabricated with special grade aluminum to anodized specification of JIS special grade H24 thus, making it stress resistant. Additionally, the teflon self lubricated impregnated bearing in our Wind Ventilator gives a smooth rotation for smooth functioning. Made available in diverse sizes and specifications, these Wind Ventilator are cost effective and durable at the same time. Specialty of Our Wind Ventilator. Corrosion resistant Light in weight Maintenance free  Energy saving Noise free operation Provides efficient operation vent in a breeze of wind Benefits Of Our Wind Ventilator Helps prolong life of insulation, shingles, roofing material and rafters. Energy free cooling, cuts on air conditioning cost, reduces winter moisture damage. Stainless Steel Shaft with Teflon self lubricated bearing for durability and friction free turning. Precision balanced and low inertia head design turns in the slightest breeze Attractive low profile design Ribbed design adds strength, high speed limiting device protects against high wind and to shed water.

Non Power Exhaust Fan Turbo Ventilator VS Other Ventilation System

Non Power Exhaust Fan Turbo Ventilator Conventional Ventilators
  • Non-conventional energy saving system
  • No electricity bills. Cost of Ventilator is recovered in the first year itself.
  • Not required heavy structures on roof.
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Assured operation for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No maintenance costs as there are not armatures / field coils/switches.
  • Conventional energy system required.
  • Electricity bills are a monthly feature. Increasing cost of electricity makes electrically operated-ventilator a costly proposition.
  • Heavy structures have to be mounted on the roof.
  • Roof becomes weak due to vibrations with Conventional ventilators
  • Can operate only when power supply is available & needed
  • Maintenance cost will be required