Air Ventilator

Installed Turbo Roof Air Ventilator On roof, and get Great Results. We make available Air Ventilators of different types such as Eco Air Ventilator, Energy Saving Air Ventilator, FRP Based Turbo Air Ventilator, Motorized Roof Air Ventilator and many more. We share glorious credentials in the list of top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Air Ventilators. The manufacturing of our Air Ventilators is done using the latest techniques under the strict vigilance of experts. We can provide Customized Air Ventilators, to meet specific requirements of buyers. Working Air Turbo Ventilator works on wind energy & allows natural air to the building & exhaust hot air, which provides the best ventilation with natural daylights & fresh air for 24 hrs 365 Days. Wind drop air turbo ventilator rotates & creates negative pressure within the building, which will act forced ventilation & maintain room temp. Highlights : Choice of the metal, size, numbers and installation of Air Ventilators depends on factors like wind velocity, temperature different claim, shop environmental conditions, size of the building, location of the building and profile of the roof. Air Roof ventilator functions with the help of Wind Force, which induces Energy and Impeller gets Centrifugal action that produces Air Flow.Rotating Vanes creates Low Pressure Zone inside the shed which Draws Fresh Air from Outside. Thus replaces Polluted Air / Hot


Size SIze : 21, 22 , 24 and 28 inchs
Type Type : Fully Automatic
Material Made our of Aluminium
Color As per Clint Requirment
Place of Origin India
Installation Free Of cost

Additional Information

Product Code SI AV
Delivery Time as per clint requirment
Packaging Details Wooden Packing If require