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Turbo Ventilator

Turbo Ventilator

Light Weight, Durable, Maintenance Free Turbo Ventilator Manufacturer by Shiv Industries. Shiv Industries is a renowned Air Ventilator Manufacturer in India. The company offers one stop shop for the purchase of Turbo Ventilator, which are designed with precision by the skilled technicians. The efficiency to perform in adverse conditions of our Turbine Air Ventilators has earned us a huge clientele in the nationwide markets.


Advantage of Turbo ventilator : New Technology without power and operating cost  Easy to install and can be fitted to any type of roofing and RCC slab  Maintenance and noise free ventilator Long-lived used Environmental protection, Economical and environmental friendly  Improving the air quality to Raising working efficiency  Maximum energy utilization & performance of exhaust suction  Vanes prevents water entering the turbine by means of under groves  80% depreciation under section 32 of IT act  Weathered & Storm proof  Teflon Pre sealed or SKF ZZ Bearing Replacing hot air, humid air, stale air, smoke, dust & gas fumes, with fresh & ambient air  Fabricated, using premium quality raw material Working Principal It utilizes wind energy to include air flow by centrifugal action. The Centrifugal force generated by the rotating vanes creates low pressure zone, which draws fresh air from outside even after the stoppage of wind. Requirement of Air Ventilator  Numbers of Ventilators Required = Ventilation Rate Q/Exhaust Capacity  Required Ventilation Rate Q (cfm) = Volume x Air Change Rate/60  Volume of Spare to be Ventilated (ft3) = 1 x w x h  Select Exhaust Capacity from Table B as per your required temp. Diff oC and Wind Velocity (MPH) Ideal for all industries.


Type of Building Air Changes Rate / Hr.
Ware House 04-06
Textile Mill / Auditorium 04-12
Factories ( Light) / Hall 06-12
Paper Mill / Brewery / Oil Mill / Packaging Room 08-30
Engine room / Laundry Plastic Factory 10-30
Heavy Factory / Transformer room 12-30
Paint Shop / boiler Room                           15-60