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Posted by Admin on December, 07, 2011

The invention of Air Ventilators has brought forth a substitute for exhaust fans. Exhaust fans were used earlier for varied ventilation requirements. With the change of time and various research and developments, Air Ventilators came into existence. The most important thing about Air Ventilator is that it is environmental friendly and works on wind energy that is induced by centrifugal actions. With its aerodynamic design, it generates the force and removes hot gases, dust, moisture and bad odor from the work place.

Types Of Air Ventilator

There are generally two types of Air Ventilators available in the Indian market, namely:

  • Eco Air Ventilator
  • Turbo Air Ventilator

Eco Air Ventilator

Eco Air Ventilators work on wind energy and are capable of exhausting hot and hazardous gases from the work place efficiently. The Eco Air Ventilators do not consume electricity and work upon natural air flow. Eco Air Ventilators are perfect for use in small industries for removal of stale and damp air.

Turbo Air Ventilators

Turbo Air Ventilators work upon wind power instead of using electrical power. These economical Turbo Air Ventilators consume no electricity and provide oxygen to the workplace. These Turbo Air Ventilators are environmental friendly and make use of wind energy, providing an effect like an exhaust fan. As their name suggests, the Turbo Air Ventilators are more powerful than Eco Air Ventilators and are thus used in large industries.

Benefits Of Air Ventilators

The use of Air Ventilators has increased with the passage of time. People are getting familiar with Air Ventilators and are making their work place much better place to work. Air Ventilators are used as a substitute for Exhaust Fans due to their various advantages, of which some are as follows:

Application Area Of Air Ventilators

There are loads of places where Air Ventilators are used. Some of the areas where Air Ventilators are applied are as follows:


Casting and molding sheds

Process area utility sheds

DG sheds

Compressor houses

Power house

Packing area


Today, there are many Air Ventilators Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, who make use of latest technology and develop highly efficient and economical Air Ventilators. If you are searching for a precision-make Air Ventilator, you can go through varied websites or online portals to find a suitable deal for yourself.

At first, Air Ventilators exhaust the dust, moisture, hot gases, bad odor, acidic fumes, etc. from the work place and make space for the fresh air to come in.

Air Ventilators efficiently improve the quality of the air by filtering and conditioning it. It allows the fresh air to come inside the work place and make the atmosphere fresh and breathable.

Flow of air gets improved with the installation of Air Ventilator.

Problems like headache, allergies, skin rashes, asthma and sinusitis can be eliminated with the installation of Air Ventilators.

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