Shiv Industries Blog Latest Products Wed, 28 Feb 2024 06:21:11 +0530 en-us Industrial Ventilation Fans Are Used In Hundreds Of Applications Wed, 07 Dec 2011 13:16:23 +0530 Various industries install Ventilation Fans in their manufacturing units and factories. These Ventilation Fans are mainly used to provide a healthier breathing environment for the workers over there as well to accomplish various activities. For many areas requiring removal of fumes, smoke, dust and various impurities that can make the work environment hazardous, Industrial ventilation fans, dust, and fume extraction systems prove to be very useful.   Some Of The Industries That Heavily Require Ventilation Are: Pharmaceutical Industry   Biological Industry Chemical Industry Mining Sector Physical Research Industry Processing units   The Various Applications Where Ventilation Fans Are Used:       The Ventilation Fans are extensively used in various activities such as, fabricating, manufacturing, mining, etc. These Ventilation Fans are used for the removal of dust, fume, and smoke particles from the atmosphere and to make it free from suffocation. Some of the manufacturing units where the Ventilation Fans are used for the mass extraction of fumes and dust particles are, Textile Mills, Steel Mills, Wood product Mills, Ceramics and Aerospace material units. These units install huge turbines and impellers to move the extremely large volume of air. Crude Oil and Petrochemical Refineries have to deal with fuels and solvents which are extremely toxic, flammable, and unpredictable. Here, Ventilation Fans are required for the functioning of sophisticated Air Entrainment systems. The Mining and Quarrying industries are always immensely reliant on the Ventilation Fans. The Coal dust in these mines can be very explosive if it somehow catches fire. This risk is reduced by the dust removal, which is done by the Ventilation Fans. Very powerful blowers and bulky turbines are implemented to ventilate the mines and quarries. The workers in Biological, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical industries have to struggle with biological, chemical, and various other physical risks. In such environment, Ventilations Fans come to their rescue. Industrial Fans will always act like the tough weapons to fight against the toxic and hazardous work area of every small and large industry. The various forms of Ventilation are performed by Air Fume collection system, Robotic welding hoods, Dust collection units, Air Filters, Chemical Scrubbers, Fume containment systems, etc. Ventilation Fans Manufacturers and Suppliers nowadays offer very efficient models for individual needs of industries. Any industrial buyer just has to go online and contact the Industrial Ventilation System Manufacturer in India who can meet the needs exactly and get installation assistance as well. Air Ventilator Wed, 07 Dec 2011 14:10:33 +0530 The invention of Air Ventilators has brought forth a substitute for exhaust fans. Exhaust fans were used earlier for varied ventilation requirements. With the change of time and various research and developments, Air Ventilators came into existence. The most important thing about Air Ventilator is that it is environmental friendly and works on wind energy that is induced by centrifugal actions. With its aerodynamic design, it generates the force and removes hot gases, dust, moisture and bad odor from the work place.   Types Of Air Ventilator   There are generally two types of Air Ventilators available in the Indian market, namely:   Eco Air Ventilator   Turbo Air Ventilator   Eco Air Ventilator Eco Air Ventilators work on wind energy and are capable of exhausting hot and hazardous gases from the work place efficiently. The Eco Air Ventilators do not consume electricity and work upon natural air flow. Eco Air Ventilators are perfect for use in small industries for removal of stale and damp air.   Turbo Air Ventilators Turbo Air Ventilators work upon wind power instead of using electrical power. These economical Turbo Air Ventilators consume no electricity and provide oxygen to the workplace. These Turbo Air Ventilators are environmental friendly and make use of wind energy, providing an effect like an exhaust fan. As their name suggests, the Turbo Air Ventilators are more powerful than Eco Air Ventilators and are thus used in large industries.   Benefits Of Air Ventilators The use of Air Ventilators has increased with the passage of time. People are getting familiar with Air Ventilators and are making their work place much better place to work. Air Ventilators are used as a substitute for Exhaust Fans due to their various advantages, of which some are as follows:   Application Area Of Air Ventilators There are loads of places where Air Ventilators are used. Some of the areas where Air Ventilators are applied are as follows:  Workshops  Casting and molding sheds  Process area utility sheds  DG sheds  Compressor houses  Power house  Packing area  Godowns   Today, there are many Air Ventilators Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, who make use of latest technology and develop highly efficient and economical Air Ventilators. If you are searching for a precision-make Air Ventilator, you can go through varied websites or online portals to find a suitable deal for yourself.  At first, Air Ventilators exhaust the dust, moisture, hot gases, bad odor, acidic fumes, etc. from the work place and make space for the fresh air to come in.  Air Ventilators efficiently improve the quality of the air by filtering and conditioning it. It allows the fresh air to come inside the work place and make the atmosphere fresh and breathable.  Flow of air gets improved with the installation of Air Ventilator.  Problems like headache, allergies, skin rashes, asthma and sinusitis can be eliminated with the installation of Air Ventilators.   Air Ventilation System Manufacturers Wed, 07 Dec 2011 14:23:44 +0530 Fresh air is a basic need of a living organism. For any living being, fresh air to breathe is essential to have a fit and healthy life. But in this technologically advanced 21st century, many innovations have made the lives of people easier by a great degree. However, in addition to all the advancements and luxuries, we have got problems as well, in a very harmful form i.e. Air Pollution.   Since we are living in a tech-driven world, researchers have found a solution for the air pollution related issues as well. Air Ventilation System is one such innovation that is designed to remove bad air from any area and replenish it with fresh air. Today, there are many Air Ventilation System Manufacturers out there, engaged in manufacturing hi-tech Air Ventilation System.   The Air Ventilation Systems are widely used by various industries to have dirt free, clean and hygienic atmosphere. These Air Ventilation Systems efficiently clean the environment and make it free from harmful particles, dust, smoke, heat, airborne bacteria, and carbon dioxide. In addition, they also control temperature, replenish oxygen, or remove excess moisture and stale air.   Advantages Of Air Ventilation System: The Air Ventilation Systems are greatly used by various industries due to their excellent features and several benefits. Air Ventilation System is a valuable system which benefits the whole mankind. Some of the advantages of Air Ventilation System are: · Makes the environment worth living in · Runs on Wind energy, thus saves electricity · Enhances the work efficiency and helps to maintain quality of the goods · Ecological, economical and noise free   The Manufacturers of Air Ventilation Systems design these Air Ventilators in various types to cater to the varied requirements of the customers. The most common types of Air Ventilation System available in the market are: · Eco Air Ventilator · Turbo Air Ventilator · Turbine Air Ventilator   These Air Ventilators work upon natural wind force and not on any manpower or electricity. These Air Ventilators are designed in a manner to work automatically when the wind blows. Moreover, the Eco Air Ventilators, Turbo Air Ventilators and Turbine Air Ventilators have less operating costs, are easy to fit and work effectively in Warehouses, Textile mills, Paper mills, Breweries and Oil Mills. Air Ventilators are also available for Packaging Room, Engine room, Laundry room, Plastic Factory, Heavy Factory, Transformer room, Paint Shop and Boiler Room.   If you are searching for a well-designed Air Ventilation System for your work place, the best option is to go online. Search for various Air Ventilation Systems Manufacturers and Suppliers and select the one who is ready to give what you want. Types Of Air Ventilation Systems: Attic Ventilation: Venting Hot Air Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:30:39 +0530 Whether it is to wear off the hot air, lessening the load on the air conditioner or reducing the electricity bills, one straight answer is Attic Ventilation. Attic Ventilation or simply the ventilation can be done easily with fans and roof vents. The ventilators come in various sizes as well as kinds. Some of the widely installed ventilators are Industrial Air Ventilators, Eco Air Ventilator, Energy Saving Air Ventilator, FRP Based Turbo Air Ventilator, Powerless Air Ventilator, Rooftop Air Ventilator, Turbine Air Ventilator, Turbo Air Ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator, etc. Though all these ventilators serve the same propose, they differ in their make and somewhere in the application too. Let’s know more about them!   The Venting Of Air And The Air Flow Components:The air flow components are required to expel hot air in the atmosphere by balancing two components – air exhaust component and air inflow component. These components help in reducing heat which positively results in low-energy consumption and thus, diminishing the hefty summer electricity bills. In addition to this, it results in less moisture build-up as well as less humidity reducing the chances of toxic mold and mildew. Let’s now talk about the functioning of these air flow components in detail!   Air Inflow Components: Soffit VentsSoffit vents, the rectangular rigid-louver vents, are used to provide an entry point for external air into the roof space. The soffit vents are quite easy to install. These vents come with a fiberglass screen and are connected between the horizontal rafters of homes. For the best flow of air, they should be placed uniformly between each pair of rafters. While installing these kinds of vents one must keep in mind that the opening isn't obstructed by attic insulation.    The Air Exhaust Components Mainly Comprise Of:Turbine Vents The Turbine Air Ventilators, also called whirlybird fans, are a traditional way to drive out hot air from the attic. They function in a simple spinning manner and are very easy to install. The metal body of Turbine Air Ventilator makes it strong and durable for a long term service.   Power Roof Ventilator Power Roof Vent is somewhat similar to the Turbine Air Ventilator. But like the Turbine Vents, the Power Roof Ventilators don’t depend on the inconsistent wind to power it. This type of ventilator is motorized by electrical circuits.   The ventilators are available according to the needs of varied ventilation requirements. Make sure that whichever ventilator you invest into should fulfill the respective application.  The Right Ventilation Fan for Commercial Use Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:32:26 +0530 Ventilation Fan is a lifeline of not only homes but also of almost all business entities. The basic purpose of the Ventilation Fan is to replace hot, humid and stale air. It vents out smoke, dust & gas fumes and allows fresh ambience inside. There are also various other industrial usages of the Ventilation Fans. Accordingly, they are categorized into: Fresh Air Ventilators, Powerless Ventilators, Turbine Roof Top Air Ventilators, Eco Air Ventilators, Industrial Air Ventilator, Wind Air Ventilators, Roof Top Ventilator, Commercial Exhaust Fans and more.   Commercial Ventilation Fans are important for many industries such as Food industry, Chemical industry, Metallurgy industry, Textile industry, Electrical industry and the like. They are also required in Cinema Halls, Shopping Malls, etc.   Few Essential Criterions Before Selecting The Ventilation Fan:Energy Efficiency: Normally, Ventilation Fans consume a lot of electricity. Few Exhaust Fans have very less installation cost but they increase the energy utilization of the industrial site. Therefore, Ventilation Fan could be costlier but if energy-efficient, then certainly it will bring lot of profit for the business entity.   Service Life: Investing in Ventilation Fans cannot be done on a regular basis. Therefore, along with the accuracy in the design structure, they should be strong enough to withstand high and low temperatures. Moreover, they should be capable of showing high performance with long operating time also.    Corrosion Resistant: Since Ventilation Fans are usually installed outdoors, so they tend to come in contact with water. Therefore, they should be made with excellent quality raw material so that they remain rust-free.   Suction Capacity: This is another important thing to consider while purchasing Ventilation Fans. They should have balanced suction capacity. In other words, they neither should have extremely high suction capacity that attracts articles towards them nor they should have low suction capacity so that they can’t exit the stale and hot air outside.   There are many manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Industrial Air Ventilators in the market that offer diverse range of Commercial Ventilators Fans. They have their own production units to produce quality products. In addition, they employ highly competent, value-driven team of quality engineers who are constantly strive to achieve brilliance for their Industrial Air Ventilators. Purchasing the right Ventilator for your business can be a challenge in itself.   And when it comes to Buying Industrial Air Ventilators, you have to choose the ventilator which suits best to you needs. Buying A Commercial Roof Extractor Fan Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:34:19 +0530 There are manifold Industrial Ventilation Fans out there differing in their mechanism that is set as per the requirements of different industries. Some of them are: Industrial Air Ventilators, Eco Air Ventilator, Energy Saving Air Ventilator, FRP Based Turbo Air Ventilator, Powerless Air Ventilator, Rooftop Air Ventilator, Turbine Air Ventilator, Turbo Air Ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator, Roof Extractor Fan, Wind Turbo Air Ventilator, Turbine Attic Ventilator and the like. In this blog, we’ll put light upon Commercial Roof Extractor Fans and will also guide you regarding the place from where the best ones can be purchased.   What Is Roof Extractor Fan?Roof Extractor Fan is one of the Air Ventilation Systems used to remove the excess heat that is stored inside the room. It removes humidity and polluted air as well. Roof Extractor Fan is normally made using premium raw materials and latest technology so that it can function smoothly and provide excellent service life.  Easy installation and exceptional designing are some of the most remarkable features of the Roof Extractor Fans.   Working Principle …Roof Extractor Fan abstracts full velocity of the wind energy to prompt airflow within the turbine using the centrifugal force. Due to the rotation of the blades of the fan, a pressure is generated by the centrifugal force which throws the air into the turbine towards spinning vanes and then air comes out through an outlet point of the turbine. At the same time, air is forced out towards the leeward side of the turbine that forms a continuous air flow.   The Roof Extractor Fans are better than the Exhaust Fans and can also be used as a replacement for the windows. They use the convective heat transfer mechanism in which hot and stale air is allowed to move upwards and is then dispersed and moved out of the room providing space for fresh and cold air.   Advantages Of Roof Extractor Fan…Advantages of the Roof Extractor Fan make them unique. It has precision-engineered designing, owing to which the air doesn’t enter from the roof and a unidirectional flow of air remains maintained. It removes hot and bad odor, making the ventilation of fresh air inside. It is environment friendly. More importantly, it has inbuilt water proof mechanism which does not allow the water to get inside the motor, preventing its damage and increasing its service life. It has a very simplified mechanism to get installed. Also, it works best with both old as well as new roof structures. Not only this, it also saves lot of electricity and thus, minimizing the losses of the industrial unit.   There are many Industrial Air Ventilator Manufacturers in the market arena which provide excellent quality Ventilators, Exhaust Fans and Roof Extractor Fans. Not only this, they also offer Wall-Cladding Roofing Sheets, I/P Pressure Transducers, etc.  So, before making your purchase, look out for the Best Ventilation System as per your requirements.  Information about Wind Ventilators Fri, 02 Mar 2012 13:07:49 +0530 Ventilation is a process of removing either stale or hot air out of the indoor premises of the industries to keep internal environment safe and livable. Ventilation process requires certain mechanisms and devices that are very crucial such as ventilators, screens, chimneys, etc.   Working Principle of Ventilators:The working principle behind the ventilation process is the difference generated between internal and external pressure and between internal and external temperature. Both temperature and pressure are balanced in such a manner that aeration is permissible. The internal hot and stale air is ventilated out with the help of the ventilator while temperature and pressure fall inside, allowing the external cool air to overcome the hot air. This process is cyclic in nature as it goes on.   Wind Ventilator:One of the mechanisms to carry out air ventilation is Wind Ventilator. Here, the ventilation depends upon the wind behavior, roof of the building and the ventilation devices. Wind Ventilators, also called as the Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators, are the prerequisite of all the industries where large amount of heat, which needs to be emitted out immediately, is generated. Lack of ventilation can damage roof sheathing and composition shingles. Thus, Wind Ventilator plays an essential role by terminating out the hot air and bringing in fresh air.   Some Of The Major Advantages Of Wind-Driven Ventilator: Drives Out The Industrial Pollutants: Smoke, dust, poisonous gases, humidity and fumes are some of the industrial pollutants which need to be injected out of the factories to make them safe for working. Use Of Non-Conventional Source Of Energy: Wind-Driven Ventilators make use of the Non-Conventional Source Of Energy ie wind, which is available in unlimited amount, and thus Wind Ventilators are cheap and effective. Thus, using Wind Ventilator reduces the overall expenditure of the company. Health Safety: Ventilation is indispensable. Wind Ventilators exit out the entrapped hot air and other noxious gases that can be hazardous to life. Wind Ventilator helps keeping the workers healthy and fit. Removes Moisture: Wind Ventilator prevents accumulation of moisture inside the factories. Moisture can harm the machinery by corroding it. Smooth and Quiet: Wind Ventilators operate smoothly, without causing any noise pollution.   Ventilators are the essence of the industries, and thus one must purchase them wisely. Some of the Manufacturers and Exporters of Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilator make sure that the raw material used in the making is of high quality so that Wind Ventilator starts operating even at low pace of the breeze. Industrial Air Ventilators must be fixed at the highest point on the roof so as to allow optimum ventilation, and Suppliers of Wind Ventilators must be cautious about it. How To Select Appropriate Galvanized Sheets Fri, 02 Mar 2012 13:12:18 +0530 Galvanization is one of the best methods to protect the metal sheets from corrosion. The process involves coating of zinc over the metal such as iron or steel to protect them from water or moisture and make them corrosion-free. Domestic appliances, water storage tanks, roof of the house or warehouses are some of the places where there is a requirement of Galvanized Steel Sheets.   Galvanized Sheets: Best In The Industry Cost-Effective: Galvanized Steel Sheets are affordable and are excellent for innumerable industries as well as for the residential purposes. Many other techniques of coating have got outdated with time, but this is not the case with galvanizing technique. Galvanized Steel Sheets protect the sheets from getting rusted for many years. Low Maintenance: Galvanized Steel Sheets require very less maintenance, and thus once purchased keep buyer away from all wear-and-tear-related troubles. Strong and Reliable: Zinc coating over steel or iron sheets makes Galvanized Steel Sheets sturdy. The sheets can thus withstand all kinds of rough weather conditions. Versatile: Galvanized Steel Sheets are very flexible and can be easily painted with different coatings as well. Life Expectancy: The process of galvanization is crucial for the metallic sheets. It increases the life of the sheet, and therefore sheets can sustain for years.   Application Areas of Galvanized Steel Sheets: Electronic industry Paper and pulp industry Construction industry Not only is this, Galvanized Sheets are also used in transportation as well as in agricultural sector.   How To Select Galvanized Steel Sheets? Thickness: Galvanized Steel Sheets are available in varying thicknesses. Usually, the range of thickness varies from 0.47mm-0.50mm.Buyer must mention this to Exporter or Manufacturer of Galvanized Steel Sheets about the required thickness. Raw Material: The base material is usually high-tensile cold-rolled steel which must confirm to quality standards such as JIS 3322, JIS 3312, ASTM A792, etc. Type of Coating: The base coating also differs according to the requirement of the user. There are mainly two base coatings: Aluminum coating gives excellent barrier protection to the steel sheet; Zinc coating protects the metal from atmosphere and also has self-healing property. There is another option of combining both coatings, which helps prevent the steel sheet against the atmospheric corrosion.   Market is flooded with several kinds of steel sheets but Buying Galvanized Steel Sheets is a safe and reliable option to protect valuable material from getting damaged. Moreover, buyers must ensure that they deal with reputed Galvanized Steel Sheets Manufacturers and Exporters so as to get the best. Why Choose Galvanized Steel Sheet Amongst Other Steel Sheet Sat, 03 Mar 2012 11:32:30 +0530 Before Buying Steel Sheet, you need to consider the application for which you require it. If you want steel sheets for domestic appliances, automotive parts, roofing, drums, lighting fixtures, then the use of Galvanizes Steel Sheet is your appropriate choice.   Galvanized Steel Sheets are mostly corrosion resistant due to which they are mostly used in outer roofs as they are able to resist water even in rainy seasons. These sheets are highly durable and are thick and uniform. The dimensions should be checked for perfect accuracy before purchasing them from Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturers.   Why Galvanized Steel Sheet Is Most Preferable?Galvanized Steel Sheet is emerged by submerging steel sheet into a bath of molten zinc. It includes a high level of zinc coating due to which it is an ideal choice in various manufacturing industries. In comparison to other Steel Sheets using them will not be an appropriate choice as they do not include all the features present in Galvanized Steel Sheet.   Different Types Of Galvanized Sheets: Commercial Galvanized Sheets- These sheets are basic galvanized sheets which can be cut and shaped according to the requirements of the user. They can be bent in any direction without any application of heat. These sheets are mostly used in automobile industry. Galvanized Forming Steel- This type of galvanized sheets is more ductile and has a high tensile strength. These Forming Steels can be easily stretched and can be given any shape without growing fragile. Electrogalvanized Steel- In this type of sheet, electrolytic deposition is used, in which a thin coating of zinc is applied on the surface of the sheet. Basic Properties Of Galvanized Sheet: Galvanized Sheet is metallic gray in appearance and its surface is much smoother than those steel sheets which are uncoated. Galvanized Sheets are highly durable and are used in various applications, even in the bodies of truck and buses. Galvanized Sheet is coated with zinc due to which it becomes a barrier between the steel and abrasive environment.   If you are into any automobile or any other industry and require galvanized sheets for your applications, then you need to contact the most reliable Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturer in India who will provide you with exactly the sheets that you want. Roof Ventilators Manufacturers - Helpful For Proper Ventilation Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:58:10 +0530 Ventilation is very essential for proper breathing and it can be assured by installing Ventilator. Homes and commercial buildings outfitted with Ventilators have healthier environment to breathe in. Depending upon the requirements, one can go for any type of ventilator available throughout the markets. However, one has to be very careful while deciding on any particular type. There are a number of Ventilators Manufacturers and Suppliers who offer the different types. They provide Ventilators in a variety of models and one choose as per the basic ventilation requirement.   The Significant Role Of Ventilators:With the increasing population, people are bound to live in overcrowded areas. Congested building leads to suffocation in the environment and makes breathing inconvenient. Ventilators are essential to solve this problem. They let the hot, exhausted air out of the premises and make the atmosphere healthier enough for fresh breathing.   The Different Types Of Ventilators:Ventilators are not only required to be installed at homes but are also required by a number of industries. Based upon the diverse ventilation applications, there are different Ventilators to choose from. One has to make a careful selection to ensure ceaseless ventilation. Some of the most commonly installed Ventilators are: Air VentilatorsThe Air Ventilators Can Further Be Categorized Into:  Eco Air Ventilator  Energy Saving Air Ventilator  FRP Based Turbo Air Ventilator  Powerless Air Ventilator  Rooftop Air Ventilator  Turbine Air Ventilator  Turbo Air Ventilator  Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator Turbine Attic Ventilator Wind Turbo Air Ventilator      Different Applications Of Ventilators:As mentioned earlier, there are different types of Ventilators that are installed with consideration to specific ventilation requirement. For instance, Turbine Attic Ventilator is mainly required in industries such as textile, chemicals, food, etc. whereas; Powerless Air Ventilator is required to be installed at powerhouses, go-downs, workshops, etc. Likewise, the other types of Ventilators are required in a number of industries and in households.   The <b><a href="">Ventilators</a></b> are available in different models, sizes and specifications. One can also get the Ventilators customized as per the ventilation requirement. There are a number of Ventilators Manufacturers and Suppliers who offer custom-made solutions for the same. One can contact them in order to get the desired type. Additionally, these manufacturers can be contacted online too. There are several B2B portals that you can browse to get the contact details of Ventilators Manufacturers. Don’t delay any further and get the best ventilation system by browsing the portals now! Corrugated Roofing Sheets Fri, 30 Mar 2012 16:10:39 +0530 Known for the features like lightweight, easy and quick installation, and availability in several colors and designs, the Corrugated Roofing Sheets have become much popular all across the globe. These Corrugated Roofing Sheets find application in several industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings and structures owing to these features. These Sheets are designed specifically to provide an elegant and unique look to the establishments. These Sheets are also used to create an insulated roofing system for which a single sheet is fitted over an existing structure.   The Corrugated Roofing Sheets are available in diverse specifications having varied make.  Generally, these Corrugated Roofing Sheets have thickness of about 0.5mm or 0.7mm. The Corrugated Roofing Sheets are available in plain as well as assorted finishes to meet the diverse requirements of the users. Basically, the Corrugated Roofing Sheets are galvanized from inside and are colored grey, but you always have the option of getting its external color as per your choice.   To make the Corrugated Roofing Sheets, generally a hard metal such as Galvanized Steel is used that ensure its durability. It is true that durability of a product depends upon the process it undergoes. Besides, these Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets can be made more durable by applying polyester paint or PVC plasticol coating on it. This ensures protection against harsh weather conditions and UV rays.   You can buy the Galvanized Steel Sheets from several Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. You can easily fit these Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets yourself after going through the instructions and safety guides. Due to the long length of the Galvanized Steel Sheets, these should be placed with precautions by ensuring safety against every parameter by fastening properly.   You can avail the Corrugated Roofing Sheets from several Manufacturers in India, who design them as per the set industrial standards by adopting latest technology. You can buy the Corrugated Roofing Sheets online as well, by referring to several portals or websites of Corrugated Roofing Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers. Just browse through the websites of the reputed companies and select the one that best meets your requirements. Sheet Metal Roofing Fri, 30 Mar 2012 16:13:21 +0530 In this modern era, roofing system has greatly changed. From the old sandstone tiles to sturdy cemented ceiling and Sheet Metal Roofing. Sheet Metal Roofing is a sturdy roofing system made up of metal pieces or tiles that give firm protection to any type of establishment. Owing to the easy and low cost maintenance of the Sheet Metal Roofing along with availability in diverse colors and styles, this Roofing System has become quite popular globally.   The Sheet Metal Roofing is easily available in the global market in diverse specifications. This is manufactured by using highly resilient and quality metal having several properties that ensures excellent life and durable finish. They are easy to install due to their light but sturdy make and have less maintenance cost.   Features OF Sheet Metal Roofing:Some of the features of sheet metal roofing due to which these are extensively demanded include: Excellent Strength and Highly Resistant To Fire & Corrosion: Due to this property of Sheet Metal Roofing, it is used in several establishments without giving a second thought. Portable: The Sheet Metal Roofing is thin and light in weight that ensures their portability. They can be re-installed at different places. Withstand Diverse Weather Conditions: The sturdy make and use of quality metal in the fabrication ensures protection against storms & rain. Economical: Firstly, the products itself is pocket friendly. Secondly, the low cost of maintenance and minimum installation charges make the product cost effective. Types Of Sheet Metal Roofing:There is wide variety of Sheet Metal Roofing available in the global market. Some of the widely used Sheet Metal Roofings are: Bare Galvalume Roofing Sheet Color Coated Roofing Sheet Color Coated Galvanized Roofing Sheet   Installation, Care & Availability:The flexible design of the Sheet Metal Roofing ensures easy installation. These sheets can be installed on a solid substrate or over open framing. They require minimum maintenance and do not require frequent recoating of paints to avoid corrosion. Moreover, if required, the painting is done using acrylic colors that are easily available at affordable price. The buyers can easily avail the Sheet Metal Roofing from varied Manufacturers in India in a variety of colors, sizes and specifications. Besides, the buyers can conveniently even search through several online portals to find a suitable deal for themselves.