Rooftop Air Ventilator

Manufacturers of roof Ventilators, Chimney Cowl, Natural Ventilation, High Quality Products at Best Price. Shiv Industries is one of the leading Roof Turbo Ventilator Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. These Rooftop Air Ventilators are designed after the research of many years by experts. These Rooftop Air Ventilators come with unique facilities that make them applicable in various industries. Specifications � Technically advanced � Based on latest principle of operation � Wind powered roof mounted ventilators that are designed to withstand high wind speeds � Made up of closely spaced profiled vanes, these are rain water & bird proof � Capable of removing heat, dust and fumes � Centrifugal force created by rotating vanes of turbo vent � Suited for buildings with explosive environment � Can be easily mounted on any roofing � Assured ventilation � Superior in performance � Environment friendly � Sturdy in construction � Light in weight � Cost effective � No maintenance cost Used for all Industries � Automobiles and Auto Ancillaries Industries � Construction and Infrastructure Industries � Chemical Industry � Paper, Printing, Publishing and Packaging Industries � Iron Steel & Metal Industries � Food & Drugs Industries � All Light Factory � Garments and Textile Industries � Food Industries � Drugs & Chemicals Industries � Petroleum, Oil Industries � Lubricants Gas Refineries � Machine and Hotel � Cinema & Marketplace Etc.


Type Rooftop Air Conditioner
Voltage 380V
Power Type AC
Power Source Electrical
Cooling/Heating Cooling Only
Features Electric Saver